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Mini Handheld Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Are you tired of not being able to reach the places you need to clean? With the Mini Handheld Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner,
you can clean like a boss! Able to output power of 120W, the motor provides strong suction up to 6000pa, perfect for wet and dry applications.
The cordless and rechargeable vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery, able to densely suck up dirt and dust from difficult-to-reach places in any space,
like car interiors, drawers, corners, and even for cleaning piano keys.
With two styles of head for a variety of garbage and a useful cleaning light, the mini vacuum cleaner is perfect for any home and car cleaning needs.


(🔌) Rechargeable: USB rechargeable, built-in 2000 mAh battery, and motor speed up to 6000 RPM.
(💪) Powerful Operation: Output power of 120W and super powerful motor provides suction up to 6000pa.
(🛒) Wide Use: Can be used to clean car interiors, drawers, corners, and even for cleaning piano keys.
(🧹) Upgrade and Washable Filter: The filter is safe to be soaked and washed, for an easier cleaning experience.
(🔦) Cleaning Light: Built-in cleaning light helps you find the dirt and grime in dimly lit or narrow spaces.


- Size: 16.5*14.5*4cm (approx.)
- Weight: 520g
- Battery: 2000 mAh
- 120W High Power
- Vacuum Suction: 6000Pa

How it Works:

1. Charge the battery for 3 hours or until fully charged.
2. Put the filter in the dust cup of the vacuum cleaner.
3. Turn the vacuum cleaner on.
4. Move the vacuum cleaner over the area that you want to clean.
5. Remove the filter and clean it with water and dry it for the second time.

Powerful Suction

Powerful Suction

Equipped with a 120W high-power motor, this mini handheld vacuum cleaner delivers a strong suction force of up to 6000pa, making it highly effective for both wet and dry cleaning applications. It's designed to densely suck up dirt, dust, and debris from hard-to-reach places, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience in car interiors, corners, drawers, and even delicate areas like piano keys.

Powerful Blowing Function

Powerful Blowing Function

While the description primarily highlights its suction capabilities, a vacuum cleaner with this level of power typically also offers efficient blowing functions. This feature can be particularly useful for dislodging dirt and debris from tight spaces before vacuuming, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning process. (Note: The actual product description does not explicitly mention a blowing function, but powerful suction often accompanies versatile cleaning capabilities.)

Water Washable Filter

Water Washable Filter

The vacuum cleaner comes with an upgradeable and water-washable filter, simplifying the maintenance process. This feature allows for the filter to be easily soaked, washed, and dried, ensuring the device remains effective and hygienic over time. The ability to clean the filter with water not only extends the life of the vacuum but also ensures consistently strong suction performance and a cleaner, healthier environment.



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What kind of wet and dry surfaces can the vacuum cleaner be used on?

The Mini Handheld Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for cleaning a variety of wet and dry surfaces like car interiors, drawers, corners, laptops, and even for cleaning piano keys.

How long does it take to charge the vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner takes 3 hours or until fully charged to charge.

How long can the Mini Vacuum Cleaner be used?

The vacuum cleaner can give you about 31 minutes of continuous working time, enought to accurately clean any space.

Customer Reviews

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Shayne Kassulke

Very well received, very good product, I recommend this site, thank you aliexpress, received well before the scheduled date

Mollie Turcotte

Shipping quickly arrived well. I am satisfied with the price-quality ratio. The specifications are a little smaller.

Mable Schaefer

It's worth using simply-it's got one filter.

Winifred Yundt

I love... I aspire strongly

Bette Koelpin

Delivery shvidka, it took 14 days to reach Kiev. The sawdust is good, sweaty, Bagato nozzles. I was also vibrating, the sofa bed with pillows, more than the eye of the power. Two sellers🩷