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5 In 1 Keyboard & Earphone Cleaner

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The handy keyboard cleaning tool everyone should keep in their desk. 

Ultra soft brush - three-row fine Nylon bristles with good elasticity, clean the gaps on your keyboard thoroughly

Also great for cleaning computer and monitor

Cylindrical sponge - great for cleaning your earphones and wireless earphone cases

High-density brush - clean the sound outlet holes and surface of your earphones effectively

Metal tip - clean the dust on net-like structures of your earphones and even smartphones easily

Key puller - remove the keyboard keycaps easily for cleaning

Durable and does not deform easily

Material: ABS and nylon

Ultra Soft Brush

Ultra Soft Brush

Keep your keyboard pristine with this ultra-soft brush featuring three-row fine Nylon bristles. Its excellent elasticity ensures thorough cleaning of even the tiniest gaps between keys. Moreover, it's perfect for tidying up computer screens and monitors, making it an indispensable tool for your workspace.

Cylindrical Sponge

Cylindrical Sponge

Say goodbye to earphone grime with the cylindrical sponge included in this kit. Its design makes it ideal for delicately cleaning earphones and their cases, ensuring they remain spotless and hygienic.

High-Density Brush

High-Density Brush

Don't let dirt disrupt your listening experience. This high-density brush effectively cleans the sound outlet holes and surfaces of your earphones, ensuring optimal audio quality every time.

Metal Tip

Metal Tip

Tackle dust in the trickiest of places with the metal tip attachment. Its versatile design makes it perfect for cleaning net-like structures on earphones and smartphones, ensuring they stay looking brand new.

Key Puller

Key Puller

Simplify keyboard maintenance with the key puller tool. Easily remove keycaps for thorough cleaning without fear of deformation, thanks to its durable ABS and nylon construction.



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How can the ultra soft brush benefit my workspace beyond keyboard cleaning?

The ultra soft brush's fine Nylon bristles with good elasticity make it versatile for cleaning not only keyboards but also computer screens and monitors. Its ability to reach into tiny gaps ensures thorough cleaning, making it a valuable tool for maintaining a tidy workspace overall.

What makes the metal tip attachment unique in the keyboard cleaning kit?

The metal tip attachment stands out for its ability to clean dust on net-like structures, particularly on earphones and smartphones. Its precise design allows for easy removal of debris from intricate areas that other tools might struggle to reach, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

Is the key puller tool suitable for all types of keyboards?

Yes, the key puller tool is designed to be compatible with a wide range of keyboard types. Whether you have a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard, the key puller allows for easy removal of keycaps without risking damage to the keys or the keyboard itself.

Customer Reviews

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Larue Walter

Worth buying

Dessie Konopelski


Gillian Christiansen

very fast,

Zackary Swift

everything good so far I liked it

Aric Walsh

The brush is soft, not rough. This material that remains long is not well removed and must be removed with a sharp gam. The keyboard removal machine is on the outside, which is slightly inconvenient.