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Mini Optic Vision Telescope

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Are you looking for a versatile and convenient way to explore nature? Our Mini Optic Vision Telescope is just what you need!
Its 7x18 magnification and 164M/1000M field of view make it ideal for hunting, bird watching, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
With its premium optics parts and durable body construction, this multi-functional telescope offers clear images with stunning contrasts and excellent resolution - even in low light conditions.
Plus, it's waterproof and anti-fog to ensure that your vision won't be hindered in the outdoors. Make your outdoor adventures a cinch with our Mini Telescope today!


🔎 7x18 Magnification: Get up close and personal with clear and detailed images even at a distance with 7x18 magnification.
💧 Waterproof and Anti-Fog: Sealed with an O-ring and a nitrogen purge for water and fog resistance, so sudden changes in the weather won’t ruin your vision.
💪 Durable Construction: Crafted with premium optics parts and durable body construction for enhanced stability and performance.
Premium Optics Parts: Minimize chromatic aberrations, providing you with images with superior contrast and excellent resolution.
🙌 Wide Applicability: Perfect for adults and kids, this monocular is great for climbing, hiking, driving, racing, traveling, watching wildlife, bird watching, sightseeing, and hunting.


- 7X magnification
- 164M/1000M field of view
- Weight: 65 g
- Size: 85X30MM
- Object lens coating: Blue film
- Near focal distance: 1m


The Mini Optic Vision Telescope is designed for ease of use. Simply adjust the eye cup and focus wheel until a clear and bright image appears, and you're ready to start exploring!

Compact Design

Compact Design

The Mini Optic Vision Telescope's small size, measuring just 85x30mm and weighing only 65g, makes it an exceptionally portable and convenient option for nature enthusiasts. Its compactness allows for easy transportation and use in a variety of outdoor settings, from hiking and bird watching to hunting, without adding significant weight or bulk to your gear.

Powerful Magnification

Powerful Magnification

With 7x18 magnification, this telescope offers clear, up-close views of distant subjects. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, its powerful magnification ensures detailed observation of wildlife, scenic landscapes, and other points of interest, enhancing your outdoor experience with vivid, sharp images.



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What's the magnification of this monocular?

Our Mini Optic Vision Telescope features 7x18 magnification.

Is this monocular waterproof?

Yes! This monocular is sealed with an O-ring and a nitrogen purge for water and fog resistance.

What is the near focal distance?

The near focal distance is 1m.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James P.
Unbelievable Clarity

I took this telescope on a hiking trip and was amazed by its performance. The clarity and detail it provided at long distances were exceptional. Its lightweight and compact design made it easy to carry around. Highly recommended for any outdoor enthusiast!

Bud Larson

I loved it, very practical😀

Adventure Ready

This telescope has accompanied me on numerous adventures, from mountain climbing to sea kayaking. It's incredibly versatile, easy to use, and the optical quality is superb. The waterproof and anti-fog features have been essential. Couldn't ask for a better tool to explore the outdoors.

Emily T
Excellent Resolution

The resolution and contrast of the images are incredible, especially in low light conditions. I've used it for stargazing and wildlife observation, and it's performed flawlessly every time. It's also very sturdy and waterproof, which is a plus.

Daniel M
Perfect for Outdoor Sports

I use this telescope for watching outdoor sports, and it's perfect. It's easy to focus, and the images are clear and bright. The compact size means I can take it anywhere without it being a burden. A must-have for any sports fan!