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Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones

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Are you tired of struggling to use your phone while accomplishing other tasks?
Then look no further! Introducing the Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones - a revolutionary hands-free solution that will enhance your daily life.
With a comfortable and flexible neckband, this innovative accessory allows you to keep your phone within easy reach while keeping your hands free for other activities.

📱 Lightweight and Flexible Neckband: The Magnetic Neck Mount features a lightweight and flexible neckband that contours comfortably around your neck. Made from durable materials, it is both soft to the touch and resistant to wear, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting user experience.

🔗 Built-in Magnetic System: The standout feature of this neck mount is its built-in magnetic system. Compatible with most smartphones, the mount comes with a magnetic attachment that provides a secure hold for your phone. With a simple and strong magnetic connection, effortlessly attach and detach your device for both stability and ease of use.

✨ 360-Degree Swivel Mount: Perfect for multitasking, the Magnetic Neck Mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle to your preference with its 360-degree swivel mount. Whether you're working, exercising, cooking, or just relaxing, your phone will always be easily accessible and within sight.


- Compatible with most smartphones
- Lightweight and flexible neckband
- 360-degree swivel mount


1. Adjust the neckband to your desired fit.
2. Attach the magnetic system to your phone.
3. Place your phone on the mount and adjust the viewing angle.
4. Enjoy hands-free phone use while on the go.

Lightweight and Flexible Neckband

Lightweight and Flexible Neckband

Designed for comfort and durability, the neckband is made from soft, wear-resistant materials, ensuring it can be comfortably worn around the neck for extended periods. Its flexibility allows it to contour to the wearer's neck, providing a secure and comfortable fit that accommodates a wide range of activities without causing discomfort.

Built-in Magnetic System

Built-in Magnetic System

This feature offers a secure and straightforward way to attach most smartphones to the mount. The magnetic system ensures a strong hold, preventing the phone from slipping or falling, while allowing for quick attachment and detachment. This system simplifies the process of keeping the phone in place, ensuring stability and ease of use during various tasks.

360-Degree Swivel Mount

360-Degree Swivel Mount

The mount's ability to swivel 360 degrees allows users to easily adjust their phone's viewing angle to their preference, enhancing the hands-free experience. This versatility is ideal for multitasking, as it ensures the phone can be positioned at the optimal angle for activities such as working, cooking, exercising, or relaxing, keeping the screen visible and accessible at all times.



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Is this neck mount suitable for all phone models?

Yes, this mount is compatible with most smartphones.

Can I adjust the viewing angle?

Absolutely! The 360-degree swivel mount allows you to customize the angle to your preference.

What types of activities is the Magnetic Neck Mount for Phones best suited for?

The Magnetic Neck Mount is versatile and suited for a wide range of activities. It's ideal for multitasking scenarios such as working, exercising, cooking, or even relaxing. Its hands-free design allows users to keep their smartphone accessible without hindering the ability to perform other tasks, making it a perfect accessory for people who are often on the go or those who require constant access to their phones for work, entertainment, or communication purposes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Virgie Bechtelar

Very practical use for device for hands free filming on smartphones for Timelapse or making videos. Adjustable arm is tight on the adjustment is excellent, has a strong magnetic, the neck silicone and the silicone at the chest is very soft comfortable material to wear, lock and release neck strap does well. It’s a 5 Star product! I’m happy to make this purchase. Thanks

Brian Orn

Really good. I'm satisfied.

Craig Shields

This was the fastest delivery ever!

Orval Osinski

Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones

Franz Heathcote

Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones